Monday, May 22, 2006

Middle of the night SCARE!

Yoana and I got back from an amazing weekend in LA. Mike Mahler and Pavel put on a SUPER Seminar and Yoana and I felt blessed to be able to assist. Mike and Pavel are two of the best coaches on the planet, period!!! Hanging out with the other assistant instructors Ken Black and Joe Sarti is always a blast. Overall it was a long but fun weekend. We have been hitting it hard at work for months now, especially with the finishing of the book, the filming of the DVD this weekend and clients. We are both smoked!

Well last night at about 2:45am I hear Yoana coughing loudly and wheezing. She is clearly having trouble breathing. I listen to her lungs and heart and can immediately tell that she is having some type of asthmatic attack. So after waiting around for 30 minutes to see if she improves, she gets worse. Off to the EMERGENCY ROOM. They diagnosed with allergy induced bronchitis and gave her some type of steroid to open up her airways. It worked like a charm. The moral of the story is that even as health coaches and trainers, we too have allowed the business of life and work pressures to take precedent over a balanced healthy lifestyle. I honestly think this was the wake up call that Yoana needed to realize that she does not have to be superwoman all the time, even though she's a total mutant (most of you know what I mean).

Thank God she's okay.


Joefitness said...

I am glad to hear she is well! Tell her to get better soon, all muutants need rest and recovery (regeneration of their mutant genes) :-)

I hear you Franz, I was bushed yesterday that is why I choose the light workout! Be well and we will see you both soon, well rested, strong and healthy

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Joe. She is doing better. She needs a little more rest and less mental stress.

Mark Reifkind said...

wow, that must have been scary!nothing to mess around with and yes, living the balanced lifestyle we preach is sometimes very hard to do. If we dont listen to the message to rest our body send us nicely sometimes it yells loudly.

I am trying to listen better myself:))

glad she is ok. my best to you both.


Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Hi Franz,

Glad to hear your wife is doing much better. Health is so precious!

Ken Black said...

I am glad that she is okay. Please pass on my best to her.
Looks like we all felt the weekend more than we thought! Man I was dog tired Monday.
Talk soon.

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks guys!