Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saturday TSC - awesome!

Saturday, May 6th

TSC was lots of fun. There were four competitors, two from Revolution and two from San Diego State University.

Erik Blekeberg from SDSU, one strong kid.

DL: 450 Pull ups: 18 Snatches :107

Charlie Reid from SDSU. This guy was WAY stronger than last time. He's got some fight in him!

DL: 425 Pull Ups:19 Snatches:125

Aaron Wilson from Revolution. Ex-college Wrestler. At 151 pounds, he is BRUTALY strong! I love this guys determination and effort.

DL: 420 Pull Ups:36 Snatches:121

Michelle Hackett from Revolution. Yoana trained her and created a new BEAST. She is talented!

DL: 225 Pull ups: 9 Snatches: 137 - are you kidding me? This girl is awesome!

Great spectator turnout as usual. These TSC's are so much fun. It truly brings out the best in everyone as the human spirit is pushed to the limit. Looking forward to the next one.

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