Monday, May 08, 2006

Speed Day at La Jolla High School Track

I have to admit that the first couple of weeks back sprinting have been tough. My energy has not been too good and my speed has been slow to come back. Today, although not totally rested, felt really good. Finally I am starting to get some bounce back in my legs and I can feel a definite change in muscle quality in my legs. The high tension exercises I have been focusing on actually teach your muscles to co-contract, which is not what sprinting is at all. The co-contraction actually acts like car breaks and slows me down. Sprinting is a constant interplay between contraction of the agonist, relaxation of the antagonist, and vice versa. I feel like I have been running with so much TENSION in my body, but for a reason. What have I been doing for years and years? High Tension co-contraction exercises.

Warm Up:
Various Sprint Drills (high knees, A skips, etc.)
Karioka, lateral bounding
dynamic joint mobility for shoulders/hips
Acceleration runs

20 meter sprints 3 @100%
40 meter sprints 3 @100%

Stadium sprints (more focusing on Arm swing / Shoulder power)
x 12

felt great. I can feel the speed in my legs, just need lots more sprinting. Pretty simple concept. Strength Coach for the Chicago Bulls says, "TRAIN SLOW, BE SLOW." And that's pretty much what I have done for the last 4 years. I have focused on High Tension exercise and not on speed. Well, I am a walking testimony to Al Vermeil's saying, I have trained slow, and I became slow. I am so much stronger that I have ever been and I'm slower. There was no immediate application of the strength I was gaining to my sprinting and therefore lost alot of the contraction speed potential, not too mention sprint specific conditioning. The goal is clear, the path is lit! Train for speed , maintain strength, get flexible.

sometimes I make it more complicated than I need to. It really is a simple solution!!!!


Mark Reifkind said...

thats very interesting franz. exactly what I have found in my own body. so much high tension exercise really plays havoc on my joints and keeps me so tight I cant move. thats why I prefer the ballistic only exericses these days. I feel stronger and looser at the same time.
I have to really guard against gaining weight and "muscling up",lol. sounds like you do too.

Joefitness said...

Love it gents, great reflection Franz and Rif love your feedback. Train fast to be fast and train movements specific to your sport. Stay strong (sprintwise) and flexible. I wish I had the bell when I had visions of being a

Franz Snideman said...

Amen brothers. I really have become so TIGHT in the last couple of years. Genetically I'm not blesses with great flexibility or muscle pliability, but I am the tightest I have ever been. Need to back of the high tension presses, deadlifts, chins, benches, etc. Not eliminate them, but just not focus on them like I was.

Loose, quick and agile - new goals!

although I must tell you guys, I love lifting heavy, so much fun!! Just hard on my body, especially if I don't back off the loading.