Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Off to the RKC on Thursday!

Yoana, John Vandenbrink and myself are off to the RKC tomorow. Yoana and I are going as instructors and John will be certified for the first time. He is ready to pass his test and I will be proud of his achievement.

I'll post the feedback and happenings from the RKC next monday! Take care everyone!


Ken Black said...

Cool have a blast Franz. I wish I was there to make Yoana do maore pushups;)
Good luck John and enjoy the pain.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Have a great time, Franz. I have no doubt that John is ready to pass the RKC.

Joefitness said...

Hey bud, great job with your training and have a great time learning and sharing. All the best to John and a big hello to Yoana. We have to chat next week or so, I have some questions for you...good stuff ;-)