Monday, June 12, 2006

Tempo Running on Sunday

Wow, last week was very busy. Can't remember a week so busy and full of deadlines and important projects coming to a close. Very fun but overly stressful week. Lots of clients too and little sleep. Glad it's over. Didn't train too much. Did a little bit of KB work and pull ups every day.

So Yoana and I were painting Revolution all weekend and doing some serious summer cleaning. Man, can our gym get dirty, yikes!!! Sure could have used Ken Black's expertise and help this weekend on making Revolution more space efficient. Ken is a master on that kind of stuff!!!
So during one of the breaks on Sunday we went out to the track and did a great Tempo Workout, and was it needed!!!

Warm up / Hip mobility
Track / sprinting drills

10 x 100 yards sprints (70%) - focusing on hip drive / stiff core / relaxed arms and fingers
(also - run with a completely relaxed face.......

Between runs we did 30 seconds jumping jacks or shuffles, fisted push ups, single leg push ups, twisters and Jumping lunges.

Felt great..... but very winded........Off to sunday night Church service!


Ken Black said...

Cool Franz. I am sure that you guys did a great job. Glad to see that the sprinting is going well for you. Keep focused. Oh and tell Yoanna to update please:) It would be good to see how and what she is doing. Thanks.
Be sure to put a hurt on Pete;)

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

hurt? ahem.......


I am enjoying the pain Comrade Ken! I will call you when we get back. We will have a day set aside for the pain. :)

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

I am looking forward to visiting Revolution LaJolla!